User-friendly, lean, secure and certified!

User-friendly, lean, secure and certified – AusweisApp2was developed in accordance with the needs of users.

AusweisApp2 is suitable for everyday use and very easy to operate. The software was developed in close cooperation with the FU-Berlin in order to ensure a high degree of usability. In the course of a study on the software's usability, several tests were carried out. These tests helped us learn how users evaluate the features and user interfaces. The results had a direct impact on the development. The further development of AusweisApp2 will continue to be accompanied by the usability experts from Darmstadt.

In order to ensure fast data processing, the features of the new App are limited to online identification, i.e. the electronic proof of identity using the online identification function. The lean software also includes a feature for seeing the data stored on your own ID card, a list of providers that offer services for use with AusweisApp2, and the option to display the history of previous uses of the online identification function.

During development, AusweisApp2 was continually tested for compliance with the technical guidelines of the Federal Office for Information Security by an accredited inspection authority and received a security certificate from the Federal Office for Information Security upon release. In addition, the source code will be disclosed.

How it works / safety

You can find out more about online identitfication function of the German ID Card and the German Residence Permit, the security concept, the possibilities of use and your data protection here.

Online identification function

Find more information about the online identification function at the website of the Federal Office of Information Security:

Usability contemplation

Learn more about the working group ID-Management of the University FU-Berlin: