drei Leute bei der Verwendung der AusweisApp2 auf Mobilgeräten

Use your Android-Smartphone as a card reader. Everything worth knowing in the video on Youtube (video in german language).

Our SDK is here!
Our SDK is here!

The function call-based AusweisApp2 Software Development Kit (SDK) is available since 15.09.2017.

Entwicklermodus Open Source-Banner

Accurately develop the AusweisApp2 for your own purposes further? The source code is available at www.github.de.

Paar mit Smartphone

Currently, the AusweisApp2 for iOS is evolving. Even if the version is still in beta status, concrete processes can already be carried out. Try it now!

Workaround for a bug when you use Kaspersky

If you use Kaspersky on your computer, please follow the instruction at https://support.kaspersky.com/13971#block2.

Please place all the checks on the page "exclusions for application" except in the two checkboxes that say "only for...".

Then reboot your computer.

If the problems are not solved, plaese contact the Kaspersky-support: https://support.kaspersky.com//b2c#region2

Kindly note, that if you just deactivate Kaspersky the problem will not be fixed, because the program will still run in the background.


How can I identify myself online?

Bild Personalausweis und elektronischer Aufenthaltstitel

Briefly explained...

To use the online identification function, you have to create the following preconditions:   

  • Online identification function activated
  • Order a card reader
  • Change Transport-PIN in your personal PIN

(Note: You always need a internet connection for online identification.)

Questions and answers
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