About AusweisApp2

An Overview of the App

The AusweisApp2 is a software, that you can install on your Computer/Smartphone/Tablet, to identify yourself online with your ID card, your electronic residence permit or your eID card. The App is availible for the most used operating systems and works in all common browsers.

The AusweisApp2 offers you an intigrated self-assessment where you are able to view your data that is stored on the online ID.

In the app you will also find an overview with the available services, a running overview and you can manage your PIN there.

In the settings, you can set up the app for your needs and manage your card readers.

Via the menu item you can access further help and you can save an error log and send it to the support for excample.

The AusweisApp2 is developed according to agile methods and can be downloaded for free on our website.

Video: Setup and functions of your AusweisApp2

How it Works / Security

Here you can learn more about the online proof of identity, the security concept, the application possibilities and your data protection.

Software Development Kit

As a service provider, you may want to integrate the functionalities of the AusweisApp2 into your own app. Therefore you can simply use our function call-based SDK.

AusweisApp2 is Open Source Software

Since 03.07.2017 the source code of the AusweisApp2 is available on the online platform Github (for software development projects with version management - www.github.com). With the EUPL license, users get the original source code and are able to duplicate it, evolve it, optimize it and can make it available again to the community.

Academic support

We value an independent review of the usability of our software. For that reason we have commissioned the Freie Universität Berlin to continuously check the applicability and usability of the software by all user groups. The working group ID-Management of the Freie Universität Berlin accompanies our field tests, innovations of the software and give hints for this website for example.

The findings of the academic support are continuously incorporated into the AusweisApp2 project.


Learn something about the work group ID-Management: http://www.mi.fu-berlin.de/en/inf/groups/index.html

Constant Verification of Safety According to the Standards Used

A Federal Office for Information Technology Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, BSI) certified Testing Body has already passed conformity tests (Konformitätstest) during the development to the Technical Guidelines with the aim to publish the tested software with BSI security certificate.

Certificates according to TR-03124

You can find the current certificate for AusweisApp2 here.