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What you need to use the online identification function


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Online ID card and PIN

When you pick up your national identity card, electronic residence permit or eID card, you can directly set a PIN in you citizen service center or decide to set the PIN later at home with AusweisApp2. To do this, you need the transport PIN from the PIN letter.

You have to select a six-digit personal identification number (PIN) that you have to enter each time you want to identify yourself online to allow your personal data to be transmitted over an encrypted connection. This ensures that data will never be transmitted without your knowledge and confirmation.

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The software, i.e. AusweisApp2, establishes a secure connection between your card reader, your ID card and the service provider. It thus provides an encrypted data exchange.

We recommend you to install the current version of AusweisApp2, which is available to download here.


Card reader / Smartphone as card reader

You need a smartphone as card reader or an external card reader to electronically read the data on your ID card, electronic residence permit or eID card. This allows the data to be transmitted to the provider whose online service you want to use.

Video: Requirements for using the online ID function