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See my Personal Data

Find out what data is stored on your online ID card.

See my Personal Data

Information on your ID card

AusweisApp2 has the function "See my personal data". This can be used to read out and display the data stored on your ID card, electronic residence permit or eID card. In other words, you can perform a self-disclosure.

Once you have started the AusweisApp2, you can access this function under the menu item "See my personal data". If you are using the AusweisApp2 on a laptop or PC, you must also pair a suitable smartphone as a card reader or connect a USB card reader.

After you have entered your PIN and successfully transferred the data, the data will be displayed in the AusweisApp2.

The self-disclosure is purely a demonstration service. The data read out will only be displayed and will not be passed on.

Please note that you also need an Internet connection for this process. This has the following background: Access to the data on your card is only possible if the service that wants to access the data first uniquely identifies itself. This is done via the so-called authorization certificate. This certificate always shows you who wants to access your data. An authorization certificate is issued to a service provider only upon application and after verification by the Federal Office of Administration. In order to display the authorization certificate and furthermore, to be able to perform a validity check of the ID document, an Internet connection is mandatory.