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Which data is stored on my online ID card?

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AusweisApp2 includes the feature "See my personal data". This feature allows you to read out and display the data stored on the national identity card, the electronic residence permit or the eID card.

When you have started AusweisApp2 and connected a suitable card reader or Smartphone, you can find this feature in the menu under "Identify." The check boxes let you decide whether you want to read out all the data or only specific information.

After you have entered your PIN and the data was transmitted successfully, the data you have selected will be displayed in AusweisApp2.

Please note that this process requires an Internet connection. The reason for this is as follows: Every time the data stored on the card is read out, the purpose of the read-out must be specified. This is a legal requirement. This purpose is indicated on a special certificate (authorization certificate). These certificates are issued individually by the Federal Office of Administration (Bundesverwaltungsamt). An Internet connection to a trustworthy authorization server is established so that you can always see who is reading out your data and for which purpose. The authorization certificates protect you!

Screenshot der Startseite der AusweisApp2