Become a Service Provider

What is a Service Provider?

By definition, service providers (i.e. authorities, banks, insurance companies, etc.) are those that want to read data from the identity card, the electronic residence permit or the eID Card for citizens of the EU and the EEA. To fulfill this purpose, the online ID function must be integrated into the own product or offer, such as a customer portal or an app. Examples of which providers already successfully use the online ID function can be found here.

How can I integrate the online identification function into my offer?

To integrate the online identification function into your product or offer, the following steps are necessary:

Connection to an eID server

The most important component you need to successfully integrate the online ID function is the technical connection to the eID infrastructure, i.e. the connection to an eID server. There are three options available to you:

  1. You operate your own eID server, whereby you can fall back on products available on the market. An in-house development is also possible, in which case all hardware and software modules must meet the requirements of the BSI technical guidelines. Further information about the eID-Server can be found here.
  2. You have an eID-Server operated by a service provider. In this case, the term eID-Service is usually used. A list of eID service providers can be found here.
    To ensure reliable and secure communication between your integration and the eID-Server, please contact the eID-Service provider directly. They will provide you with all information on the technical eID connection.
  3. You can also use an identification service, which will take care of the case-specific identification for you in its name. A so-called identification service provider does not carry out the electronic proof of identity for its own purposes, but offers this as a service for third parties. This means that an identification service provider is connected to an eID server, has the authorization to read data from the users' ID card and transmits this data to the actual recipient - you and your service.

Integration of AusweisApp2

AusweisApp2 establishes a secure connection between the ID card and the eID server, so that the server can use its authorization to read the data from the ID card.

If the online ID function is integrated into an online portal or website, AusweisApp2 is called via a special link. The app is installed free of charge on the end user's own device.

If your product has its own app, you have the possibility to integrate the online identification function directly into this app using AusweisApp2 SDK.


The integration via SDK remains unsuccessful if the connection to the eID infrastructure is missing. The most important component for a successful integration of the online ID function is the connection to an eID server.

Applying for an authorization certificate

If you decide to use an eID-Service or to operate your own eID-Server, you must apply for an authorization certificate to gain access to the data of the ID card. Here you can find out how to apply. If you use an identification service, no separate authorization certificate is required.


What does the entire process flow look like?

For an initial overview, the following graphic shows the process behind the online identification function:


Provider List

After successfully integrating of the online ID function, you can registered in the provider directory of AusweisApp2. The provider directory is the central place where users can inform themselves about the possible applications of AusweisApp2. We recommend all service providers to register their offer there.

Here you will find all relevant information on this topic and can submit your data directly to us.