Pairing the AusweisApp2 with a smartphone

You can pair a smartphone with the AusweisApp2 in the tab “Smartphone as card reader”.

The remote service function must be configured on your smartphone before pairing.


Fig. 52 Main menu of the mobile AusweisApp2

In this view you can tap on “Settings” in order to configure the remote service function.


Fig. 53 Configuration of the “Remote service” function in the mobile AusweisApp2

In this view you can set the device name that will be used to identify the smartphone during pairing and during normal operation and on which device the PIN should be entered.

After you have finished your configuration enter the main view of the remote service by selecting “Remote” in the menubar.


Fig. 54 View “Smartphone as card reader” in the mobile AusweisApp2

Sie aktivieren die Kopplung durch Tippen auf die Schaltfläche “Kopplung starten”. Nach der Aktivierung wird ein Kopplungscode angezeigt.


Fig. 55 Pairing code for the remote service in the mobile AusweisApp2


Please note that the pairing only needs to be carried out once. If the pairing was successful, it will be sufficient in future to activate remote access by tapping the “Start remote service” button.

Your smartphone should now show up in the list of available remote devices.


Fig. 56 Non-paired remote device is detected by the AusweisApp2


If available, the function “AP / Client Isolation” of your wireless network must be disabled, so that different devices can communicate with each other. Please note that in many public wireless networks the AP isolation function is enabled and therefore you cannot use your smartphone as card reader in those networks.

In order to pair your device with a smartphone, select the smartphone from the list and enter the pairing code shown on your remote device:


Fig. 57 Remote device pairing dialogue

After the devices have been paired successfully, both dialogues are closed and the remote device is listed as “Available” under “Paired remote devices”.


Fig. 58 Paired and available remote device

You can now use this remote device as a card reader.

If a paired device is unavailable, it will be marked as “Paired but unavailable”.


Fig. 59 Paired, unavailable remote device

You can remove a paired remote device by clicking on the trash icon.

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