Software Development Kit (SDK)

Integrate the eID function directly into your application using the software development kit (SDK) of AusweisApp2.

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Possible Uses of the SDK

The software development kit (SDK) of AusweisApp2 enables you to integrate the eID function directly into your own application or app. This enables users to authenticate themselves without media discontinuity.

The SDK offers you the advantage of being able to carry out an online authentication in your own brand design - without users having to leave the familiar environment.

The AusweisApp2 SDK also enables the integration of on-site reading. In this case, the CAN is transmitted instead of the PIN to enable data transmission. You find the CAN on the front of the ID card and you need it to enable the readout process.

Integration of the SDK

For a successful integration of the SDK we provide a detailed developer documentation.

Integration Options

With the fully integrated version of the SDK, AusweisApp2 is integrated into your own application as an AAR package or Swift package. The advantage: AusweisApp2 is delivered directly with the application. This eliminates the possible source of error that users have to install AusweisApp2 separately on their smartphone.

With the partially integrated version of the SDK, AusweisApp2 is called in the background, which has the disadvantage that AusweisApp2 must already be installed on the user's smartphone.

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