Open Source Software

Here you will find information on AusweisApp as an open source software, licensing information and an overview of community projects.

Man sits in front of screens showing source code

Source: Governikus GmbH & Co. KG

Man sits in front of screens showing source code

AusweisApp as Open Source Software

The advantage of open source software is that people all over the world contribute to the open software culture. The source code of AusweisApp is therefore available on the online platform GitHub. Under the EUPL licence, users can get the original source code, duplicate it, develop it further, program optimizations and make them available to the community again.

Find source code on GitHub

The European Union Public License (EUPL) of AusweisApp allows the eID client to be made available for operating systems that are not officially supported, as well as use on citizen terminals and deep integration of the eID function into own applications. Suitable changes from the community can be adopted for official further development and incorporated into the certified AusweisApp provided by the federal government.

Information on the EUPL

Optimizing and Developing Together - Community Projects

Open source projects live above all from the community of a large number of developers. With the source code of AusweisApp, interested users from this developer community have developed various app versions for different operating systems and platforms. Here you can find the most widely used versions.

If a community edition is missing, please contact us so that we can update this overview.

Please note that unfortunately no support can be offered for the following app variants.