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Download of AusweisApp2 from Playstore

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Download of AusweisApp2 from Playstore

Download AusweisApp

AusweisApp is a software that you install on your smartphone, computer or tablet in order to read out your ID card and to be able to identify yourself digitally. In addition, AusweisApp enables encrypted data exchange between the ID card and the online service where you want to identify yourself.

Depending on your operating system, select the appropriate download and install AusweisApp on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Supported systems: Android 8.0 or higher, iOS 14.0 or higher, macOS 12.0 or higher, Windows 10 (64 Bit) and 11

Note: New name, new look - the AusweisApp2 becomes the AusweisApp! As part of the rebranding of the AusweisApp, the 2 in the name has gone, but there is a fresh, new design on top. What you can still rely on: You can still use the ID card app to securely identify yourself online.

What AusweisApp Offers

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Welcome Page

The welcome page takes you to functions such as PIN management, the provider list, and the option of displaying the data stored on your ID card. In the mobile app, you can also check whether your device can read out the eID card and whether the eID function of your ID card is activated.

Permissions Request

Before each readout of your ID card data, AusweisApp displays the so-called authorization certificate of the service provider. This provides information about who your data is to be transmitted to and what data this provider wants to read from your ID card.

The authorization certificate is a government permit that the service provider must apply for at the Federal Office of Administration. With the application, he commits himself to comply with all legal requirements regarding data protection and IT security. The validity of this certificate is checked and displayed for each new request.

PIN Management

In PIN management, you have the possibility to change your 5-digit transport PIN to a self-selected, 6-digit PIN once and thereby unlock the eID function. You can also change an existing 6-digit PIN.

Smartphone as Card Reader

If you want to use the AusweisApp on a device that does not support the NFC function, you can connect your smartphone as a card reader. Readout of the eID card and PIN entry are performed on your smartphone, on which AusweisApp must also be installed. The initial pairing of smartphone and computer/tablet is done via the displayed pairing code. After this initial pairing, click the "Allow connection" button on your smartphone to confirm that the device can now be used as a card reader.

Check Device and ID Card

Use the "Check device and ID card" feature to find out whether your smartphone meets all the technical requirements for reading out the ID card and whether the eID function of your ID card is activated.

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AusweisApp as Open Source Software

AusweisApp is an open source software. Under the EUPL license, interested developers can get the original source code, duplicate it, develop it further, program optimizations and make them available to the community again.

Find community editions of AusweisApp here