Compatible Card Readers

Compatible card readers for using the eID function.

Man sitting in a cafe holding smartphone and ID card in his hands

Source: Governikus GmbH & Co. KG

Man sitting in a cafe holding smartphone and ID card in his hands

With the eID function of the ID card, electronic residence permit and the eID card for EU citizens, it is possible to identify yourself securely online. For this purpose, you need to read out the data on your ID card with a suitable card reader or NFC-enabled smartphone. The data is then encrypted and transmitted to the desired service using AusweisApp. This allows you, for example, to quickly and easily complete your BAföG application online.

To provide you with the best possible support when using the eID function, you will find a list of suitable smartphones and tablets as well as compatible USB card readers on our website.

Notes on the Lists of Compatible Devices

The provided lists of suitable smartphones, tablets and USB card readers offer you an overview, but do not claim to be complete. Furthermore, they expressly do not represent a purchase recommendation. If you want to be sure that a device is suitable for the use of the eID function before you buy it, please contact the respective manufacturer for more information.

If we are aware of a suitable device, we will test it and add it to the device lists. Should you nonetheless miss a device or information, we would be pleased if you would send a short comment to