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Become a service provider and easily integrate the eID function into your service offering.

Man in front of a laptop are displayed different identities


Man in front of a laptop are displayed different identities

What is a Service Provider?

By definition, service providers (i.e. public authorities, banks, insurance companies, etc.) are those that want to read data from the identity card, the electronic residence permit or the eID card for citizens of the EU and the EEA. For this purpose, the eID function must be integrated into the provider's own product or offering, such as a customer portal or app. Examples of which providers are already successfully using the eID function can be found here.

As a service provider, it is also possible to use on-site reading in accordance with the German Identity Card Act (PAuswG). This is a simple, fast and seamless transfer of ID data on site or at the point of sale (POS). The ID chip is read electronically in the presence of the citizen and the required personal data is transferred to the service provider's systems. This makes on-site reading a fast alternative to manual data transmission and also prevents transmission errors. You can find out more about on-site reading here.

For which Purposes can the eID Function be used?

Proof of Identity

With their eID, customers can prove their identity online, for example, in order to submit a legally binding application or open a customer account.

Secure Login

Offer the eID function as a secure alternative to logging in with a user name and password.

Anonymous Login

With the eID function, it is also possible to integrate the login with the so-called pseudonym function. In this case, a unique pseudonym is generated that enables recognition for recurring logins without storing personal data.

Age Verification

With the eID function, users can prove online that they are of age to purchase or use age-restricted products and services.

On-site Readout

When companies need the ID card data of their customers at the point of sale, on-site reading is a quick and easy alternative to the conventional procedure. This is because the ID card is often still copied and the required data transferred to the system manually. This has great potential for transmission errors and slows down the entire process. The faster recognition of data via OCR is also often unreliable, particularly in the case of address labels on the ID card.

With on-site reading, the data stored on the chip of the ID card is read without media discontinuity using a suitable card reader and transferred directly to your systems.


  • Neither does the eID function need to be activated, nor do customers need to know their PIN. On-site readout works with any ID card and any electronic residence permit.
  • All that is needed to read out the data is the CAN printed on the ID card. Before the data can be read out, the cardholders who are physically present must be identified by the photo on the card and must give their consent for the data to be read out.

How do I become a Service Provider?

What steps are necessary to integrate the eID function into your own product or offering? We explain this step by step.

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