Online Identification

Here you will find tips and advice on how and where to use the eID function.

Person identifies himself via smartphone at Nutzerkonto-Bund

Source: Bundesministerium des Innern und für Heimat; Bundesdruckerei GmbH

Person identifies himself via smartphone at Nutzerkonto-Bund

How the eID Function Works

The eID function of your ID card, electronic residence permit or eID card allows you to securely identify yourself online.

But how does this actually work?

A contactless RFID chip is integrated into your ID card, on which your personal data, such as name, address and date of birth, is stored. This data can be read out with an NFC-enabled smartphone or a suitable USB card reader and then be transmitted to the authority or provider where you want to identify yourself.

This is where AusweisApp comes into play. The app's task is to transmit your data securely and in encrypted form to the relevant authority or selected provider. It goes without saying that protecting your data is a top priority here. You can therefore find detailed information about which security mechanisms protect your data under Security & Privacy.

What can the eID Function be used for?

What are the actual use cases for secure and unique identification on the Internet? What are the advantages of using the eID function? The following overview will answer these questions.

Proof of Identity

Prove your identity online, e.g. to submit an application to the authorities or to open a bank account on the Internet. This saves you trips to the public administration office and waiting times for an employee of a video Ident provider.

Secure Login

Use the eID function as an alternative to logging in with a user name and password. Increase the security of your user accounts and avoid collecting countless access data.

Anonymous Login

With the eID function, it is possible to log in to a user account using the so-called pseudonym function. This generates a unique pseudonym that enables recognition when you log in, without your personal data being stored. So if you log in to two services with the anonymous login, it cannot be traced that the same person is logged in.

Age Verification

With the eID function, you can prove online that you are of age to buy and use age-restricted products and services.

Automatic Filling of Forms

After identification with the eID function, your data can be automatically transferred to a form that has to be filled out. This allows applications, e.g. at the public administration office, to be made legally valid in the digital world.