About Governikus

Governikus develops solutions for legally binding electronic communication, from authentication to the secure exchange of data and long-term data storage preserving probative value. One of our solutions is AusweisApp2 developed on behalf of the Federal Ministry of the Interior for the application of the online identification function of the national identity card, the electronic residence permit and the eID Card for citizens of the EU and the EEA.

Innovation in Security

Since the formation of our company in 1999 (under the name bremen online services GmbH & Co. KG) we have been engaged in the issues of security and confidentiality in electronic communication – in due consideration of national and international law.

What began with the development of the OSCI protocol that is now the general standard in e-government and e-justice and with Governikus, our first data transfer application, today covers the entire life cycle of electronic communication: From authentication via the secure transfer of data all the way to the securing and preservation of the probative value of electronic data.

In the development of our solutions we emphasize compliance with the law and consequently legal certainty, innovation, interoperability and investment protection. The capacity for innovation and the motivation of our by now approximately 154 employees form the basis and the drive of our success that reaches beyond the borders of Germany.

We collaborate closely with administrative and justice authorities in Germany and in Europe, and we continue our course of expansion. We use our experience and our know-how to develop novel innovations and technologies that are fit for the future – always in compliance with legal regulations, based on international and German standards.

In dialogue with clients and partners

We greatly emphasize direct contact with our clients. We work together in continuous dialogue to further develop our solutions on the basis of new technologies and client requirements to ensure investment security for the future.

In our network of cooperation we work together in a productive way with our trusted partners in technology and sales to advance innovative developments and projects, always in consideration of our clients' benefit.

Governikus as an employer

We were awarded the certificate of the audit "berufundfamilie" (work and family) in 2007, which was confirmed in December 2013. This emphasizes our active support for work-family balance through measures such as flexible working hours, home office, part-time work and extended leave (such as parental leave or family care leave).

A variety of different viewpoints, perspectives, knowledge and experience in a mixed workforce is a precondition for innovation and creativity. Diversity Management creates a work environment characterized by tolerance and mutual respect, in which diversity in age, gender, ethnic origin, nationality, physical abilities, sexual orientation and worldview is represented. Our goal in personnel development is to represent demographic variety in our workforce and to make all employees feel valued.

Facts & Figures

Governikus GmbH & Co. KG
Hochschulring 4
28359 Bremen

The technology park near the University of Bremen is one of the most successful high-tech locations in Germany, with an area of ca. 150 hectares and more than 350 companies and elite research institutions based here.

Company formation

July 1999 (under the name bremen online services GmbH & Co. KG)

General Partner

Our general partner Governikus Bremen GmbH is owned 100% by the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen (Freie Hansestadt Bremen).


Managing Directors

Dr. Stephan Klein, Holger Mohrmann


Chairwoman of the supervisory board

Carola Heilemann-Jeschke



approx. 200 employees